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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


In preparation for our trip next week, I needed to get DD a couple more sweatshirts or sweaters - she's outgrown the ones we got for her last year. So off I go to visit several stores over the past week.

Heh. Try to find a sweater in Florida in February. The stores are all full of spring outfits - short-sleeve or sleeveless tops, shorts and short skirts. Maybe the occasional light jacket, but nothing at all appropriate to freezing temperatures. Definitely nothing likely to keep my little Florida girl warm!

I figured the situation was unique to Florida or other similar climates, so I mentioned my issue to a few friends and found out that it's not just a Florida problem. Even Canada has spring stuff out!

Consumer marketing is insane. Christmas stuff is out in August. Spring stuff is out in the middle of winter. I don't know what universe these marketing geniuses live in, but it ain't this one.

I did find somewhat of a solution - I found a couple of cute little sweaters at a local thrift store this evening. Perhaps this weekend I'll have similar luck at others in the area.

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