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Monday, February 07, 2005

Super weekends

I had an awesome weekend! I got to stitch for a while, and Sunday we had some friends over to watch the Super Bowl. A great time was had by all - it's definitely more fun watching with friends. And the commercials were hilarious - my favorite was the Ameriquest cat commercial, though some of the beer commercials were also funny. (I hated the GoDaddy ad, though...very stupid). And in one of the football pools I was in, I picked the point spread exactly, and am now $280 richer. Definitely a pleasant end to the season!

And today the Bloodmobile came around at work, and I got to donate this time! My iron was just barely high enough. And they've changed the questions a bit regarding foreign travel - the 3-month restriction only applies to the UK between 1980-1996 (I only had a week there) instead of 3 months cumulative in Europe (which I'd be hitting within the next year or so). Now it's 5 years cumulative in Europe, so I've got *plenty* of travel left in these veins!

In other news, I think I've decided what to do for Lent - I'm going to spend some time each evening in reflection (using the Examen developed by St. Ignatius). I'm also going to give up junk food and fast food. The junk food part probably won't be so bad, but the fast food part could be tricky. But I think I'll be healthier for it.

I thought about giving up the snooze button/sleeping in, but that might be close to impossible!

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