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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bedroom archaeology

Sometimes it actually does pay off to be a slacker. Our now-spare bedroom has become a bit of a cargo bay - old papers, clothing to be donated, the rest of the Christmas decorations, and various and sundry other items have found their way there due to lack of time and motivation for them to be dealt with otherwise.

I discovered last night that trying to spend time in quiet reflection is not exactly the easiest thing to find in a busy household. However, the spare bedroom would be a great place to find solitude, if only there were actually room in there to sit down. So I started taking out all the clothing intended for donation, with plans to hit the thrift store this weekend (and perhaps find some extra sweaters for DD).

Lo and behold, while I was cleaning it out, what did I find but DD's sweatshirts and pants from our last trip to colder climes! At the time I pulled them out of her dresser I didn't think she'd wear them again before she outgrew them. But they still do fit her.

So thanks to my slacking, DD actually will have sufficient warm clothing!

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