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Monday, June 21, 2004

Some like it hot...

Unfortunately, I am not one of those. Today is officially the first day of summer. Perhaps in my case, that should be 'simmer', although truth be told, it's been too hot for my blood since about March. For the record, it's currently 92° and feels like 98° (33C and 37C for my metric-savvy readers), and we'll probably get our daily thunderstorm this afternoon. Now, for the most part I like thunderstorms, and not just because they cool things down. Lightning can be strikingly beautiful as it crackles across the sky, and there's something visceral in the concussion of thunder. And growing up where thunderstorms are an everyday occurrence half the year, DD is very rarely afraid of thunder.

But enough about the weather. The weekend was good - Friday night we went out to my favorite Irish place. I had a couple of ciders, had great food, and listened to live entertainment. Not long after the evening's singer had started (it was early yet), he let some little girl start singing while he played guitar, and it took me a minute to realize that the little girl was my DD! I was flabbergasted. Though I will admit she did pretty good as far as kids go, and I have to admire her guts - I could never have gotten onstage like that!

Sunday was Father's Day - we gave DH some books, some chocolate, and a gift cert to a local massage therapy place. DD gave him a computer game, Superpower that she picked out herself (despite Mommy's attempts to steer her toward something else). It turned out to be a good call - he seems to really enjoy the game. We also went out to eat, and met DsS. DD was glad to see him, and this was the first I'd seen him since we got back from overseas. I'm a bit out of the loop as to what's going on with him, but he seemed to be fine.

As for me, I got a few hours of stitching in, and watched a Forensic Files marathon on CourtTV. In a way, forensics shows like Forensic Files, Medical Detectives, Trace Evidence and such are a bit of a guilty pleasure. I admit that sometimes the things people are capable of doing to each other disgusts and disturbs me. But learning that modern science provides a vast number of ways of catching those who do such evil deeds is a great comfort. That, and fields like forensic pathology and entomology are fascinating - viral strains and insect larvae can speak for those who cannot. And then other shows like Extreme Evidence go into investigative techniques that determine the causes of accidents and the like. Cool science without the malice.

Surprising, then, that I don't read mysteries very often. Perhaps I should more often.

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