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Tuesday, June 22, 2004


It's amazing what one can do with photo editors.

Yesterday on snopes.com, there was a rather convincing photo of a giant skeleton.Snopes listed the source as Worth1000.com, a site that sponsors image-editing contests. Then today, among the myriad diversions that find their way into my inbox courtesy of one of our test engineers, is a collection of images that are composites of two animals. Most of these came from Human Descent, and some were pretty impressive. Others were just creepy.

There seem to be a lot of people out there with too much time on their hands. Fortunately some of those people have talent. It must take a great deal of patience to be able to do some of the more finely executed images.

Speaking of patience, it's time for the Stitcher's Five!

Stitcher's Five - Stitching Firsts (6/21/04)
1. What was your first finished stitched piece?
Dusting off rarely used neural pathways here....My first finished stitched piece was a crewel kit my mom got me. It was a country-style piece of a girl and an old wood stove, and had those really awful 70s colors. I remember it took me a while because the girl's red (well, orange) hair was all french knots. I think I finally finished it when I was 8.

2. What was the first piece you used beads on?
Ah, an easier question! Teresa Wentzler's Diamonds in Squares. I did that one back in 1995, I think.

3. What was the first piece you used blends on?
Diamonds in Squares

4. What was the first piece you used specialty stitches on?
Unless I count embroidery stitches, this one is also Diamonds in Squares.

5. What was the first piece you stitched on evenweave or linen as opposed to aida?
You guessed it - Diamonds in Squares. Although that was a kit - the first piece I stitched on fabric of my choosing was TW's Castle, which was also the first piece I used metallics on.

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