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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Clioratha from A to Z

Greetings, dear readers! Judging from comments left here, there are at least 10 of you, including an old friend who recently delurked to let me know DD has some competition for Spiderman's affection! Hopefully I'm keeping things relatively interesting for all of you.

Things are pretty calm here - yesterday was busy in a non-eventful sort of way. Now that I have regular readership, I'll do what many bloggers do and pick one of the many memes and surveys floating around. Might be entertaining. So without further ado...

The ABCs of me (found on Lorna's blog....thanks Lorna!)
Act your age? Depends on whose definition. I don't act like the thirtysomethings one sees on TV, but I probably act consistent with most people I know who are of similar age and family situation.
Born on what day of the week? Monday
Chore you hate? Anything involving expelled biological material (diapers, cleaning up vomit, etc. Had I a cat, cleaning the catbox would qualify)
Dad’s name? Dad (or PopPop to the grandkids)
Essential makeup item? I rarely wear makeup, so none of them are 'essential'. I probably wear nail polish more often than any other cosmetic item.
Favorite actor? Don't have one, though in general Sean Connery or Sean Bean could make a movie worth seeing.
Gold or silver? Both.
Hometown? DC suburbs
Instruments you play? I dabble at piano and at Celtic harp.
Job? Software engineer
Kids? Three - 2 step, 1 bio
Living arrangements? Married with kids and house.
Mom’s name? Mom (or Grammy to the grandkids)
Need? Sleep or time to myself.
Overnight hospital stays? One - DD's birth.
Phobias? I don't think I have one. All of my fears are perfectly rational.
Quote you like? "Good judgement comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgement" - Rita Mae Brown, according to quotegarden.com
Religious affiliation? Roman Catholic (convert from Episcopalian) Which reminds me of the Monty Python "Dead Bishop" sketch: "RC or C-of-E?"
Siblings? One of each, both younger.
Time you wake up? Usually between 0600 and 0630.
Unique talent? Still trying to figure that out.
Vegetable you refuse to eat? I'm an equal opportunity herbivore. Bring 'em all on!
Worst habit? Grinding my teeth. Or accumulating trash in my car.
X-rays you’ve had? Dropped a barbell on my foot when I was 5 (nothing broken). Dislocated a shoulder in college. Don't remember any others. Oh, and dental x-rays numerous times, if those count.
Yummy food you make? Double-chocolate rum cake. Carrot cake.
Zodiac Sign? Aquarius

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