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Friday, June 18, 2004

Murphy's Law: Practical Applications

Since my last entry, Murphy's Law has applied itself. Twice.

When I got home last night, I looked for a while for the missing chocolate bars, to no avail. Later that evening, when I had given up looking for them, I found them while picking up after DD. They were in a bag underneath her knapsack in a corner of the living room. But at least I found the chocolate!

As for the second application, it was bound to happen. We'd gotten a lot of rain lately and our pool was close to overflowing, so earlier this week DsD drained it down some. A bit more than I was expecting, because by mid-week the water level was below the tile. And my dilemma was this: If I added water to bring it back to the tile, we'd get torrential rains the next day and it would overflow. If I didn't add water, it wouldn't rain for a week. That's the way Murphy's Law works at our house.

Well, after checking the weather reports and finding slim chances of rain for the next week, and no tropical activity, I finally added water to the pool last night.

And true to form, now it's pouring rain.

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