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Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday miscellany - 19Mar2018

I've discovered that being accountable to exercise can be quite motivating. In my case, the person I've tasked to nag me about exercise is someone who welcomes the opportunity for a little payback in the nagging department - my college-aged daughter. Fortunately she hasn't had much opportunity to nag me much this past week!

What I've been reading... I'm on page 229 of 761 in Chesterton's Father Brown collection, and continuing to enjoy it. Despite the difference in time period, human nature has not really changed.

What I've been crafting... I'm still making slow progress on the foliage on the shepherd boy panel of Nativity. It's a fairly straightforward stitch, but as always my stitching time is streaky.

Fumbling toward fitness... I made it by Curves every weekday last week, marking the second time that's ever happened! I also treadmilled for a total of 9.4 miles, achieving my goal of 9. Next week I hope to match these accomplishments, and not just to forestall nagging from DD!
Duolingo and Lumosity streaks are also still intact - and Duolingo has added a new Klingon course. I've done the first lesson just because.

One Little Victory I made some small progress on long-overdue decluttering last week. There's still much that needs to be done and so little motivation, but I am making progress.


Fred's Facts said...

You are inspiring me to get off my fanny and do more. Just the addition of 84 pages of FBrown in one week is admirable.

Fred's Facts said...

typo 94 pages