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Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday miscellany - 19Feb2018

Last week I completed another path around the sun. Another year older but the wiser still remains to be seen.

What I've been reading... I'm on page 1145 of _Oathbringer_, with just over 100 pages to go. Hopefully I'll finish this week, and decide what to read next. My unread queue is rather epic, so there are many choices.

What I've been crafting... I didn't spend as much time stitching this past week as I'd initially thought I might, but I did work on Violet Mandala when I could. I haven't quite reached the stopping point I'd set for myself, but hopefully this weekend.

Fumbling toward fitness... Another suboptimal week - I started off strong, but toward the end of the week I was too drained most evenings to feel arsed to exercise. Fortunately this week is better so far - I had more energy today than I did most of the days last week. And I am still keeping up with Lumosity and Duolingo, so at least my mind is getting exercise.

One Little Victory I did have a great birthday weekend, including lunch and beer with my stepdaughter, and a trip to see my daughter and her boyfriend for dinner in her college town. Life is good indeed.

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Fred's Facts said...

I'm exhausted from reading all you do.