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Monday, January 09, 2017

Monday miscellany - 9Jan17

We're in the middle of winter, relatively speaking. It's actually been down in the 30s overnight the past two nights, but is warming up again. So winter was on a weekend this year, though I wish we'd had more of it.

What I've been reading... I finished _Arcanum Unbounded_ shortly before midnight last night, and will be starting Randall Munroe's _What If?_ tonight, which is 320 pages.

What I've been stitching... I've got much of the outlining on one of the magi's robes complete for the magi Nativity panel, and I'm setting that aside until Lent starts in March. I'll be switching to Papillon Creation's _Around the World in 80 Stitches_ next. I've crocheted a little more on the Star of Donegal afghan as well.

Fumbling toward fitness... I made it by Curves twice, and had my weigh-in for the "no gain" challenge. I didn't lose any additional weight over the past month, but I did come in under my starting weight, which made it a successful challenge. I also treadmilled 229 minutes for 11.54 miles, which is slightly higher than average. That was because I was close to the end of a book, and went for a finish.

One Little Victory Good stitching progress, a book finish and a successful fitness challenge made for a week of little victories.

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