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Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday miscellany - 27Jun16

Whew, summer is in full force here. It's been in the 90s for the past two weeks, and has been hotter than average. Already. I'm very grateful for air conditioning, and it boggles my mind that people lived in Florida prior to the invention of it.

My brain has, fortunately, not yet melted, and so I'll update.

What I've been reading... I'm about halfway through _3d6_, though I still haven't figured out yet which of the many things on my kindle I wish to tackle next. Possibly _As You Wish_, Cary Elwes' memoir on the making of the movie _The Princess Bride_.

What I've been crafting... I'm about 95% done with Sea Dragon Shawl. I also have a new cross-stitch start, Ink Circles _Tapestry_, which I'm doing as a stitchalong with several of my friends. I'm going to try to finish Sea Dragon Shawl this week.

Fumbling toward fitness A mixed bag here. I made it by Curves thrice, which is the second week in a row that I've managed to do so. That's the positive news. On the flip side, it was a very busy weekend with a drive to Orlando to visit my sister on her Disney trip, and a friend's wedding on Saturday. So my treadmill showing...not so great. Only 182 minutes for 9.33 miles. That's not a complete slack-off, but I could have done better.

One Little Victory Besides seeing my sister and seeing a friend marry a long-awaited love, I was very pleasantly surprised this week to find my original photostat birth certificate! I thought it had been lost in a break-in a few years ago, and it was nice to discover it wasn't lost forever or floating around on the identity theft circuit.

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