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Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday miscellany - 20Jun16

Summer has officially arrived, although it's felt that way for weeks down here. It has cooled down some today, though, for which I'm thankful.

What I've been reading... I finished both _d6_ and _2d6_ in Robert Bevan's Caverns and Creatures series, and will start _3d6_ shortly. They've been a fun read, but once _3d6_ is done, I'll need to figure out what of my vast backlog to read next.

What I've been crafting... I'm 90% done with Sea Dragon Shawl - I spent time calculating how many stitches were per each decrease wedge, and can thus provide a more accurate guess. I didn't spend as much time knitting as I'd hoped this past weekend - I had a minor disagreement with my kitchen shears, and trying to knit with a bandage on my fingertip was a bit awkward. It's all fine now - the cut is healing nicely, and my needle tip can't get caught in a bandage when I'm not wearing one. I *might* be able to finish this week.

Fumbling toward fitness... I made it to Curves thrice!! I'm off to a good start to try that this week as well - hopefully I'll be able to manage 3x a week all summer. As for treadmill, I did 221 minutes for 11.18 miles - longer duration, but shorter distance. Many of the daily workouts had steep inclines, and I tend to go a little slower on those. Still, it was a good fitness week.

One Little Victory Other than accidentally snipping into my finger, last week was pretty good overall. We took DH to his favorite steakhouse for Father's Day. DD has been doing the bulk of the grocery shopping for two weeks now, in addition to making dinner almost every night. And the weather has cooled down.

Life is good.

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