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Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday miscellany - 13Jun16

TS Colin was a non-event for us, fortunately, though other parts of Florida have not fared well this past week, from Colin and other destructive entities. But I won't be commenting on any of that here - there aren't words to be said except prayers for all who have suffered in any of the myriad ways this past week has witnessed.

On to the update...

What I've been reading... I finished the 4-pack of Robert Bevan's _Caverns and Creatures_, and read 4 of 6 stories in _d6_. I might finish this and the other two this week, given how quickly I've breezed through the main story arc.

What I've been crafting... I knit some during gaming and hockey, so I'm now about 3/4 done with Sea Dragon Shawl. I didn't do any other crafting.

Fumbling toward fitness... Another steady week, with two Curves workouts, and 219 minutes on the treadmill for 12.02 miles - same duration but slightly longer distance. I've been planning to try to get by Curves thrice a week, so I'm going to start that this week. I've already been today, so I'm off to a good start!

One Little Victory I've been playing Star Trek Online for about 7 months now, and am currently enjoying their summer event. I had sworn I'd never get sucked into an MMO again after rage-quitting WoW, but STO has been good because I don't have to deal much with other players if I don't want to. DH has been playing for years, and I can always tag along with him if I need to interact with another player.

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