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Monday, July 04, 2016

Monday miscellany - 4July16

Happy Independence Day!

So far it's been a relaxing and quiet day, but if last night was any indicator, I expect things will get noisy in the neighborhood tonight. I won't be setting any fireworks off myself, but we may try to catch some on TV or see what the neighbors are doing.

What I've been reading... I'm about 1/3 through _As You Wish_, Cary Elwes' memoir of filming _The Princess Bride_. I may have to rewatch the movie once I'm done - I've always enjoyed doing so and it's been a while.

What I've been crafting... I finished my Sea Dragon shawl! I only have a slightly fuzzy pic from my cell phone, that I'll attach at the bottom of this post. Whenever I get around to blocking it, I'll try to get a better pic. Since finishing, I've done another hour or so on Ink Circles "Tapestry".

Fumbling toward fitness... I didn't quite do so well this past week - only made it by Curves once because of scheduling conflicts. I did manage 211 minutes for 11.01 miles on the treadmill, so I wasn't a total slacker. Hopefully I'll have a better showing next week.

One Little Victory Finishing Sea Dragon and enjoying a relaxing long weekend.
Sea Dragon Shawl


Unknown said...

Your shawl is gorgeous!

Unknown said...
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Mike Raven said...

Wow, what a brilliant shawl! Well done! :)