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Monday, May 02, 2016

Monday Miscellany - 2May16

It's May, the lovely month of May. Hopefully all my best-laid plans won't go blissfully astray.

What I've been reading... I finished _War in Heaven_ and am on page 74 of 281 in _2113_. The short stories I've read so far have been enjoyable, and varied. The next one in the book is "A Nice Morning Drive" by Richard Foster - the song that inspired "Red Barchetta".

What I've been crafting... I've done another hour or two on the Magi panel for Nativity. Slow progress, but faster than I'd been the past year or so. I also knit a bit more on Sea Dragon Shawl, but am not yet at the halfway point.

Fumbling toward fitness... I made it by Curves my usual two times, but fell slightly short of last week's treadmill effort - only 197 minutes for 9.9 miles. I'll try to do better this week.

One Little Victory My stepson came in town this weekend, and we got to visit with him for a bit. We hadn't seen him since December, and it was good to see him again.

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