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Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Miscellany - 25Apr16

Hard to believe it's nearly the end of April, and it's starting to get (and stay) rather warm where I am. I'm still not sure how people managed to survive Florida without climate control.

What I've been reading... I'm on page 208 of 256 in Charles Williams' _War in Heaven_. It is a good read, if a bit slower to read than more modern works. I'm looking forward to picking up _2113_ after that, hopefully sometime this week.
I picked up a set of books on a Kindle sale called Critical Failures by Robert Bevan, which is a humorous take on tabletop gaming. DH finds it hilarious, if a bit crass, and I'm looking forward to it after _2113_. Sometimes one just needs a light and fun read.

What I've been crafting... Most of what little crafting time I took this week was working on a friend's round robin piece. I've also done a little more on the Nativity magi panel. Late last week I bought a pair of MagEyes off Amazon, and that's made quite a bit of difference. I'm pleased with how well the Mageyes seem to be working - that will make the magi panel much easier.
I don't think I gave any love to Sea Dragon Shawl this week, or if I did it was only maybe an hour.

Fumbling toward fitness... Here, I did show some gains! Two workouts at Curves, and 210 minutes on the treadmill for 10.61 miles. I want to equal that this coming week.

One Little Victory Playoff hockey!! The Tampa Bay Lightning have advanced to round 2, and will be facing the New York Islanders (who eliminated the Panthers in double overtime last night). There are few things as exhilarating and as frustrating as playoff hockey, but I'm enjoying watching it.
And not just because of playoff beards....

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Jenn L in Chicago said...

Double overtime is the bane of my existence, only because it always manages to happen on a work/school night. *glares at my Blackhawks*