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Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Miscellany - 18Apr16

I'm just about back on track from having been sick two weeks ago. Unfortunately DD caught what I had and missed a few days of school, but she's better now as well.

What I've been reading... I finished _The 13 Clocks_, which was a fun little read, and am on page 94 of 256 in War in Heaven by Charles Williams, a lesser-known Inkling to Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I'm enjoying it so far. DH was still working on _2113_ when I picked it up, but as he has now finished, I will get to that as soon as I'm done with my current read.

What I've been crafting... I've made a little more progress on Sea Dragon Shawl, though it was not a very crafty week for me. I did finally pick up the Magi panel after over a year hiatus, and made some slight progress, which is good. I may need to update my eyeglass prescription and/or get a magnifier before too much longer, though - working on 32ct dark fabric can get a bit rough on my eyes. But hey, at least it's not languishing quite so much now.

Fumbling toward fitness... I did meet my goal last week of 200 minutes on the treadmill. 203, in fact, for 10.38 miles. I'm going to try to reach 200 again this week. I also made it by Curves twice last week, and hope to do so again this week. I think I'm just about back in a routine!

One Little Victory Finally giving attention to a long-neglected stitching project is certainly a victory! I hope to make some progress on it this week. Also, both the Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers are in the NHL playoffs. Playoff hockey is always good TV, and having both 'local' teams in is a pleasant turn of events.

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