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Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Miscellany - 11Apr16

I'm feeling much better than I was at this point last week, and I've had a more productive week as a result.

What I've been reading... I've not read much at all this week. I'm about halfway through a children's book called _The 13 Clocks_ by James Thurber. DH is mostly done with _2113_, so I should start that this week.

What I've been crafting... I finished the Summer Mist afghan! It ended up being about 30 square feet all told, so it's rather large. The picture below is of it folded.
Summer Mist afghan
(Click to enlarge)

When gathering up what little is left of the skeins, I found a knit project I'd started last year: my Sea Dragon shawl. I'm about 35% done with it now, and should be past the halfway point by this time next week.

Fumbling toward fitness... I made it to Curves twice again, and I did better on the treadmill than last week: 138 minutes and 6.9 miles. Hopefully this week I'll get closer to 200 again.

One Little Victory I've just about recovered from my cold *and* finished the afghan, so it was a good week.

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Sara said...

Love the colors in your afghan and apparently the twins do too. They pointed out the picture while I was reading your post several times and were chattering away about it:)