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Monday, March 07, 2016

Monday miscellany - 7Mar16

March already, and I admit I'm not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep this coming weekend due to the change to Daylight Saving Time. I really wish they'd pick one or the other and stay there instead of the semiannual back-and-forth, but I may as well tell the sun to stop shining for all the good my wishing would do.

But enough kvetching, on to status updates!

What I've been reading... I'm on page 184 of 355 of Unnatural Creatures, a collection of short stories selected by Neil Gaiman. I've mentioned before that short stories are a nice format for me to read while on the treadmill, and I'm enjoying these.

What I've been crafting... I started crocheting another afghan, Caron's "Summer Mist", with the yarn I had pulled but didn't use for the Tunisian afghan I finished last week. This one is working up much faster, and I'm close to a third done already (most of that during Saturday's tabletop gaming session).

Fumbling toward fitness Last week was a bit tricky schedule-wise, and I only made it to Curves once. I did 194 minutes and 9.71 miles on the treadmill, which didn't exactly make up for the lack, but it is still fairly consistent.

One Little Victory Some weeks it's a bit hard to find a victory, but the whole purpose of this segment is to find the good amidst the challenging. I've adapted to moving my alarm back 5 more minutes, so I'm 15 minutes earlier to rise than a month ago. I don't think i'll be moving it back further just yet - those 5 minutes were a bit of a challenge the first couple of days! Daughter is now a member of the French and Science honor societies at her high school. And I am enjoying crocheting the new afghan.

I just need to finish some chores tonight before I can get back to it.

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