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Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday miscellany - 29Feb16

Today's update is on a Leap Day - may as well seize the bonus day while I can!

What I've been reading... I just finished Brandon Sanderson's _Mistborn: Secret History_. I haven't started another book yet, but I need to decide before I treadmill tonight what I'll read. So many choices!

What I've been crafting... Not much crafting this week, partly because I've been working some overtime. The only thing I did was stitch on a friend's round-robin. I did finish that, and I need to decide what to do for the next piece in the queue.

Fumbling toward fitness I made it by Curves twice again, so that habit is getting established fairly well. I also did 198 minutes and 10.1 miles on the treadmill over the past week.

One Little Victory Over the past week, I moved my alarm back another 5 minutes, so I'm getting up 10 minutes earlier than I was a month ago. I've been using that extra time to treadmill for longer in the mornings, and I'm up to 15 minutes for my wakeup walk.

That's all for now. Just trying to settle into adjusted routines.

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