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Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday miscellany - 18Jan16

We're having a few days of what passes for winter here (meaning highs in the upper 50's F). I'm enjoying the cooler temps while they last...which won't be long.

What I've been reading... I finished Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker on Saturday, and am about 20 pages into Clockwork Lives, Kevin J. Anderson's second book based on Rush's Clockwork Angels album. I read Clockwork Angels (the book) last year, and I have a greater appreciation for the album now.

What I've been crafting... I finished the 4th side panel of my Tunisian afghan, and selected an alternate color for the last two panels. I'm about 20% on panel 5.

Fumbling toward fitness... I continued to treadmill every day. I didn't do 25 minutes each and every day, although I did average that with 9.3 miles over 181 minutes, comparable to last week. We've also been eating healthier as a family, thanks to DD's cooking dinner almost every night this week.

One Little Victory I just finished a long-overdue cull of my clothing today. Three 33gal trash bags full and ready for the thrift shop. Estimating from my hanger pile, I'm probably rehoming 75-100 items - mostly long skirts, sweaters, and dresses that I'd probably never be able to wear again. Better that someone else get use out of them.

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