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Saturday, March 22, 2014

WIPocalypse redux - March update


Topic of the month:Show us your favorite places to stitch.
I think i'm actually going to punt on this topic a bit - currently I do most of my stitching sitting on my bed, sometimes while watching TV. And my bedroom is not neat enough to be shown in public. So you'll just have to take my word for it.

And anyway, the updates are the important things - so on to them!

Project: Convent Herbal Garden
Designer: Chatelaine
Fabric: 32ct Lugana - Silkweaver solo
Total hours to date: 183
Progress since last update: 13 hours. I've finished all of the stitching.
Notes: I have only the beading left to do, but that will wait until after Lent/Easter.

Convent Herbal Garden at 183 hours
(Click for larger image)

Project: Nativity - shepherd panel
Designer: MarBek
Fabric: 32ct Belfast - Countrystitch "Pansy"
Total hours to date: 39
Progress since last update: 10 hours. The angel's gown is done, although she's still headless.
Notes: This is my focus project during Lent/Easter, so next update should hopefully show a lot of progress.

MarBek Nativity at 39 hours
(Click for larger image)

Project: Around the World in 80 Stitches
Designer: Papillon Creations
Fabric: 32ct cream Lugana
Total hours to date: not tracked
Progress since last update: none

Project: Stars for a New Millennium
Designer: Anthony Minieri
Fabric: 18ct pewter mono canvas
Total hours to date: not tracked
Progress since last update: none

Project: Fantasy Triptych
Designer: Teresa Wentzler
Fabric: 32ct Lugana - Silkweaver "Blue Dynasty"
Total hours to date: 28
Progress since last update: none

I did finish a small project that I'd been keeping in my purse - Mill Hill's "Tiny Treasured Diamond - Royal Orchid".
MH Royal Orchid
I started this back in...August, I think, and it's been getting just a few stitches here and there. I finished it during gaming last week.

In non-stitching news, my treadmill is finally working again! What a relief. Now to get my rear in gear and try to make healthier eating choices again as well as continue exercising.

Lent started a couple weeks ago, and I've decided to give up online shopping. Amazon 1-Clicks and other minor things like iTunes tend to add up, and I really need to rein them in.


Erin said...

Looks like some good progress to me!

cheryl said...

Congratulations on your stitching finish! Convent Herbal Garden is lovely. I have enjoyed watching you stitch it.

Kate Featherstitch said...

Herbal garden looks just beautiful! I reckon it will be even more stunning with the beads. :)

Scrapbrat1 said...

Your pieces are just gorgeous. Can't wait to see that Herb Garden all finsihed.