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Monday, April 21, 2014

WIPocalypse redux - April update


Another late update from me, but last week was rather busy with church and everything over the long Easter weekend.

I also completely overlooked my 10-year blog anniversary at the beginning of this month. Such is life.

We have two new additions to the household - two lavender finches named Louis and Harry. Louis is quite an active and noisy fellow. Harry is a little more sedate, but he's also molting so that may change.

Without further ado, on to the stitching update!

Topic of the month:How do you keep your stash organized?
Not as neatly as some, but getting there. My end goal is to consolidate all of my craft stuff neatly in a former bedroom, with a decent and easy-to-access organization. Big plans, but getting the time and motivation to actually implement those plans is another matter.

Some of this is already done. My floss and silks are in plastic drawers, organized by brand (for silks or overdyed cottons), with 3 drawers of DMC (000-699, 700-999, and 3000s). I have another drawer with the perle cottons, and another with cut floss lengths from previous projects. I tend to try to raid those first when kitting an impending project or if I need a short length.

Yarns are, mostly, grouped in large comforter-sized zipper bags. There are a few clusters of yarn in bags or boxes that haven't yet made it to that state, but not much.

Cross stitch fabrics are in several large plastic bins, as are canvaswork charts/kits and frames.

Kitted projects are in zipper mesh bags. Most of those are in the putative craft room, but there is a plastic milkcrate with some in my bedroom. Mostly these are for the active projects.

Charts are either in the kit bag, or on a bookcase in my bedroom. Those will eventually migrate as well.

So I guess you can say "organized chaos" is my organization method!

I only worked on one project since last time, so this will be a short update. I'm not going to bother mentioning the others this time.

Project: Nativity - shepherd panel
Designer: MarBek
Fabric: 32ct Belfast - Countrystitch "Pansy"
Total hours to date: 65
Progress since last update: Amazingly, 26 hours. Angel was complete at 50 hours, and shepherd has seen 15 hours so far.
Notes: The angel is headless no more! There are a few rays of light around her that will need to be done, but those will be the last things I do on this piece since they extend down into where the shepherd is.
The shepherd is coming along fairly quickly, though his robe is rather...colorful. Maybe his name is Joseph - I certainly can't help but think of technicolor dreamcoats while working on it!

Rather than taking a single picture of the whole piece to date, I've taken top and bottom pictures.

Angel: Angel
(Click for larger image)

Shepherd: trippy Shepherd
(Click for larger image)

In non-stitching news, I'm just about back in the treadmill habit, so that's a good thing.

Giving up online shopping was pretty successful - it got easier as time went on, so hopefully purchasing habits will stay low.

Until next time!

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