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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PostWIPocalyptica - April update

My WIPocalypse updates seem to be falling more toward the end of the month than on the full moon...sorry! Standard excuses about attacks of life apply.

I really only have one picture to show you this time around. The only thing I worked on is the MarBek Nativity, but I'm at 179 hours now. That's a whopping 25 hours this month! Here's the top part (obviously no changes to the bottom):
Marbek Nativity at 179 hours
(Click for larger image)

I did fill in more starlight, and have nearly finished the bottom parts of both angels. There is a method to my madness - once I fill in the center shaft of light up to there, I can go ahead and move the Q-snaps.

No progress on Papillon's "Around the World in 80 Stitches, so I haven't finished part 3 as initially projected. The pattern itself is up through part 11, so I'm certainly a bit behind. But I'm okay with that.

I also failed to block the lace knit scarf. To be honest, I'm not sure when that will be done. It will be someday, hopefully before the end of the calendar year, but I make no promises beyond that.

No progress on Convent Herbal Garden or Stars for a New Millennium this time either.

Going forward, I'm basically just hoping to finish up this panel of Nativity by the end of May. I was aiming for Pentecost, but that's in less than 3 weeks so I'm not really holding my breath. I am also beginning to think that my projection of 200 hours will be a bit short. I hope it's short of 225 though.

In non-stitching projects, I am now at 347 consecutive treadmill days. That's nearly a year straight! In that time I've covered 417 miles, with an average speed of 2.59mph over 161 hours and change. Slow and steady...

Also, I went to a(nother) Rush concert! I saw them this past weekend over in Orlando on the Clockwork Angels tour:
Rush - Clockwork Angels

Rush always puts on a phenomenal show!

Unfortunately I have no decent pictures from during the concert because my only-moderately-sapient phone can't handle the lighting. See?
Rush is down there somewhere.  Really.

Much better pictures on the Rush website. Yes, there was some guy in a chicken costume in the front row! I saw him walk in before the show, and this picture proves I'm not crazy.

Well, or at least that I wasn't imagining things. My sanity is still very much up for debate.

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