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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Proof that I'm not an evil genius...

Moderation towards all things!  Although you do have inner demons, you can more than control them, and often find yourself in the position of the peacemaker, balancing things out.
How evil are you?

Busy in a non-noteworthy way here at Alternate Dementia. I finished stitching my SIL's present, and even did the lacing myself for it and for PR Make A Wish. I'll be taking them up to my framer on Friday afternoon. After the beyond stellar job she did on the last wedding present I stitched, I can't see taking my SIL's gift to anyone else.

DD has been very much into Webkinz of late. They're sort of like Neopets except that you also get a physical stuffed animal. I broke down and got a grey and white cat for myself, but gave DD the code so she has the virtual manifestation while I have the physical one. I named him Nimitz.

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