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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Is it just me?

Yesterday I was waiting outside my workplace for DH to pick me up for lunch, and I noticed that things seemed somewhat subdued and almost surreal. There seemed the normal complement of traffic, but the sky was grey and the air was still. (Now, grey skies are nothing new here in Florida, especially this time of year!) Last night, the wind had picked up quite a bit, and slate-grey skies signaled approaching storms. We did get quite a bit of rain off and on through the night and this morning, and the tone of surreality persisted.

It wasn't until I checked the weather pages this morning to see how much longer the rains would continue that I realized there was a low pressure system moving across the state. I really should have figured this out sooner, because I've noticed before that things seem unnatural when tropical storms are in the area.

Or at least they seem unusual and surreal to me, in a way that the almost-daily thunderstorms Florida summers bring do not.

Has anyone else noticed such differences when low pressure systems come through?

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