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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The main monkey business...

Busy times here at Alternate Dementia! My grandson was baptized this past weekend, and he is now a year old! He's growing up so fast, and DsD and dBF can barely keep up with him!

DsS is enjoying college life so far. Hopefully not so much that his grades suffer!

As for me, I've been busy stitching! I'm very close to being done with the center part of _Fortunate Traveler_ - right now I'm working on background greenery. Check out the once-forgotten dragon, now at 150 hours!
TW Fortunate Traveler, at 150 hours
(Click for larger image)

And on top of that, I just found out I'm excused from the jury summons I was supposed to have tomorrow. It's almost pathetic how happy I am about that...

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