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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Halfway there!

July...the year is half-over already? Time marches on relentlessly. And it's time for another monthly goal update...
Goals for June:
  • Finish PR "Make A Wish" - Done!
  • Finish decluttering DD's room (101List #5) - Done!
  • Finish AB's website (address feedback)(101List #22) - Next pass submitted, waiting on response.
  • Straighten up Spare Oom (101List #13) Some, but not finished
  • Sort and donate clothing/toys piled up in Spare Oom. - Done!
  • Stitch Assisi Summer - Done!

For the most part, I actually did fairly well this past month!
Goals for July:
  • Straighten up Spare Oom (101List #13)
  • File papers on desk
  • Devise chore list/schedule to take effect in August.
  • With DD, go through books and stuffed toys.

I've decided to drop the website work off the list - it's currently in a revision-feedback cycle, and thus is difficult to register as a monthly goal. Otherwise, the list might look a bit light.
So I should have no excuse not to complete it, right?

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