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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Water, water everywhere!

I awoke yesterday morning to the ominous sound of my pool pump keening its death knell. There is never a *good* time for expensive equipment failures, but this came at a particularly bad time. We've had three inches of rain in as many days, with yet another heavy rain overhead as I type. My pool has been filled to the brim since Thursday night, with no ability to play Rain'N'Drain.

After several attempts, this afternoon we managed to get a siphon going with the garden hose, to try to make room for the water that we knew would be coming. We'll see how effective it is, though doubtless it'll be hard to gauge with the new rainfall.

So basically, this sucks. But not fast enough...my pool just flooded my back porch while I was typing...

Time to invest in a separate pump, methinks...

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