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Friday, June 01, 2007

Yo ho yo ho...

DD and I just got home from watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3, which was quite entertaining. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so I'll just leave it at that and sail straight on to monthly goals!
    Goals for May:
  • Finish AB's website (address feedback)(101List #22) - No progress this month
  • Design Assisi Summer - Done!
  • Make 200th workout at Curves (101List #42) - Done!
  • Declutter DD's room (101List #5) - Mostly. DD's room is much neater, but there's still stuff that needs doing
  • Finish PR Make A Wish - Close, but not quite...

    Goals for June:
  • Finish PR "Make A Wish"
  • Finish decluttering DD's room (101List #5)
  • Finish AB's website (address feedback)(101List #22)
  • Straighten up Spare Oom (101List #13)
  • Sort and donate clothing/toys piled up in Spare Oom.
  • Stitch Assisi Summer

Not very well on May's goals, although I felt busy all month. The sad thing is that of the two goals I *did* complete for May, both were done yesterday - I finished the design for Summer at 11:45pm last night. Well, it's a fresh month, and I'm close on several so I should *hopefully* do better this month. We'll see what life throws at me.

Speaking of designs, however, the last of the travelling PIFs made its way home:
Nicole's PIF
This was for the soon-to-be-wed Nicole, and so I chose to do two intertwined hearts.
And with the last homecoming, the PDF release of Squared Away is now available. This only covers the four biscornus - the little sun PIF will be included with Assisi Summer in a few weeks.

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