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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cast party 2.0

This past weekend, DD traded her hot pink long-arm cast for a short-arm cast. A lime green one:
Lime Green cast!
I haven't yet checked to see if it provides a portable nightlight for her, although I suspect it does. And I thought the hot pink cast was bright!

DD is much happier with this one, because it allows her to move her elbow.

This morning I had a good idea for a cast cover - those shoulder-length veterinary gloves (as seen on Dirty Jobs, Animal Planet, etc). A local farm supply store had them by the 10-pack for under $3, making them a cheap and convenient solution that allows her to have use of her fingers while in the bath or shower. I'm pretty proud of myself for thinking of this.

Although I'd better be careful with the good ideas - my foot might fall off!

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