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Monday, May 21, 2007

Laziness is the mother of invention...

This past weekend was fun but exhausting. DsS graduated high school, and we're very proud of him. The graduation ceremony had some nice touches traditional to his particular school. I think the amount of speaking before the actual commencement could have been shortened by half an hour, though - there were *nine* student speakers, and while some of the speeches were short and sweet and clever, there was one in particular that ran rather long. The idea of using quotes from Disney movies was initially clever, and might have been okay if the speaker had been the only valedictorian, but after about 10 minutes or so, we were beginning to expect (and dread) quotations from every Disney animation ever released (and there nearly was!). Really, with an outdoor ceremony toward the end of the day, the speakers really should have been given a time limit. But it was a nice ceremony all the same.

Yesterday was the family cookout/grad party, which I think was a huge success. While chopping vegetables for kebabs, I had the idea that instead of preparing the kebabs beforehand, set out the veggies and meat separately, with a bunch of skewers, and let folks create their own. That proved quite popular - everyone made something different and got to experiment. There were even a few surf-and-turf kebabs, borrowing some of the cocktail shrimp.

And this all happened because...I was too lazy to want to do up the kebabs myself! Sometimes laziness is good.

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