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Sunday, April 01, 2007

April showers...

This year is just flying by! April already, and only a few weeks left before DD's big day! The cast of Alternate Dementia has one of the busiest weeks of the year coming up with Holy Week - I think tomorrow is the only day this week where we *won't* be up at church, between rehearsals and liturgies. Oh, and I guess I need to get Easter candy as well.

Anyway, time for a monthly status report.
Goals for March:
  • Finish AB's website (101List #22) - First pass done and submitted - need to address feedback received 3/27
  • Weed out clothing (101List #12) - Done!
  • Finish DD's First Communion veil (101List #60) - Done!
  • Progress 50 more miles toward Lorien - DH has, but I didn't.
  • Stitch Assisi Spring - Done!
  • Stitch PIF designs - Done!

Goals for April:
  • Finish AB's website (address feedback)(101List #22)
  • Sew DD's First Communion gown (101List #61)
  • Finish decluttering horizontal surfaces (101List #10)
  • Finish and mail PIF designs
  • Progress 60 more miles toward Lorien

Ah! DH is off the exerbike, so it's my turn!

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