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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hitting the big time?

So I had somewhat of a strange occurrence starting yesterday, and I'm trying to figure this out...

Normally I get about 20-30 hits a day between this blog and my design page, up to 50 on days I post an entry or release a design.

Starting about midday yesterday, my design page has been getting a LOT of hits. About 325 yesterday, and about 90% of those had "No referring link". This baffles me - the remaining ones I can trace to posts on various BBs, but why am I suddenly getting worldwide traffic with no referring link?

Not that I'm complaining! I'm thrilled that my humble little designs are getting exposure! I'm just confused at the sudden popularity. Could someone enlighten me please?

ETA 4pm 3/29: Mystery solved! (Thanks, Shannon!) Apparently a link to Tor Rhuann Designs was posted on 123stitch.com, but without the hyperlink so there was no available referrer. Traffic today has settled down to normal.

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