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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Roses are red...or are they?

In the 17 Februaries that DH and I have been together, DH has been gone on business travel for Valentine's Day or my birthday (or both) 11 of those years. It's practically a running joke at this point.

When I got home tonight, there was a box, with this card:
Yes, it's become a bit of a joke,
but how's this for a punch line?
After assembly, the contents of the box were:
Roses white and red
Very pretty. But there are three things about this seemingly ordinary bouquet that make it even more special:
  • There are 17 of them - one for each of the years we've been together
  • There are some white roses - my favorite color of rose!
  • DH knows I'm not a fan of red roses, but red is traditional. So he got me red roses that aren't really red:
    Roses pink and red
    The one on the left is from my bouquet. Compared to the red roses that DD got, mine are a rather deep pink. And a very lovely shade they are!

    And the best part is...he'll be home for my birthday this year!
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