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Friday, February 23, 2007

On a mission!

I have a new release...or rather, a pair of them! A seemingly innocent query for shamrock freebies led to a designing spree. March has days for *two* beloved Celtic saints - St. Patrick, and St. David (the patron saint of Wales), so it seemed appropriate to send these two together on...
...a Celtic Mission to Assisi!
St. Patrick's Shamrock St. David's Daffodil
(DH helped with the shamrock design - yet another reason why I think he's a keeper...)
This is also a first for me, in that I have yet to stitch these myself. Shannon, whose query led me down this path in the first place, stitched the daffodil for me, and Abi made a lovely ornament from the shamrock.
Shamrock, as stitched by Abi Daffodil, as stitched by Shannon

Hmm... I have model stitchers...I wonder if that makes me a real designer!

As with all my previous designs, "Celtic Mission to Assisi" is a freebie. Enjoy!

(Edit 2/24 at 10am: Sorry for any confusion - the chart is a b/w PDF available here)

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