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Monday, January 08, 2007

Thinking outside my box....

DD has complained lately about how hard it is to be the only child in a household of adults. Hearing some of the specifics, though, it occurred to me that there's another factor in play that makes things tricky as well...

DD is a lone Extravert in a household of Introverts. (More specifically, in Myers-Briggs terms, she's a lone Extraverted Feeler in a household of Introverted Thinkers..) With DH, DsS and I all being both adult and introvert, she really can't help but think it's an adult-or-child thing when that's not the whole story. No wonder DD feels so left out sometimes!

I can find plenty of info online on how to parent an Introverted child, but I haven't found anything on how Introvert parents should interact with an Extravert child.

DH and I need to start thinking *way* outside our boxes!

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