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Friday, January 12, 2007


Or, Why I spent days ripping CDs onto my iPod but never listen to them

I really love my new iPod, and I've loaded quite a number of my CDs onto it. Yet while I use my iPod for hours a day, it's been almost a week since I've listened to any of my CDs. Why is this, you ask? Because I have discovered an insidious and yet so tempting diversion...

The Podcast.

It started because I heard that one of my favorite bands, Newfoundland's Great Big Sea, has a podcast. So I subscribed to their podcast, and have enjoyed all four episodes they have so far.
While searching for related podcasts, I discovered the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast, which is another good one. Its host, Marc Gunn, has several others, two of which I've ended up subscribing to:
  • Pub Songs Podcast I enjoy pub songs, and this has given me a chance to hear some of the traditional ones that I hadn't yet experienced.
  • Renaissance Festival Music Podcast There are no RenFests near me, but I've enjoyed them in the past and the music was always neat. This podcast is quickly becoming my favorite - a mix of styles and songs, from the traditional to the bawdy.
    Just between the above three, I've got over 100 podcasts to listen to. My CDs may have to wait!

    What about you, dear readers? If you listen to podcasts, what are some of your favorites?
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