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Monday, December 04, 2006

Let the seasonal insanity begin!

It's December, and you know what that means...

That yours truly is hanging onto the vestiges of her sanity with raw and bloody fingers! There are Christmas gifts to buy, cards to address and mail, house cleanup to do, events to attend, family to visit...

But on the other hand, if I can survive that, there are bowl games to watch at the end of the month. Even if they didn't quite fall out the way I'd hoped.

This past weekend, the cast of Alternate Dementia drove up to Jacksonville to watch the ACC Championship game - Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forest. I am sorry to report that my Jackets lost 6-9, but despite the putrescence that was the play of Tech's quarterback, it was rather an enjoyable event. I'm not a Georgia Tech alum myself, but I consider myself a Yellow Jacket by marriage (my own alma mater is somewhat uncertain - I attended one university for 2.5 years, and finished up my last 30 hours at another, with an AA from a community college in between. So am I a Terp or a Golden Knight? Who knows?). I had an opportunity to sing the coolest college fight song ever at the top of my lungs, twice, and join in the alternating crowd shouts of "YEL-LOW!" "JACK-ETS!" with my family. Even DD, who has said "football is lame!" was enjoying herself a lot! And for thinking it's lame, at 7 she's already figured out scoring and downs.
If I had a daughter, sir
I'd dress her in white and gold...

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