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Friday, December 08, 2006

The Madness Season

This reads like one of those "you know you're getting old when..." emails that tends to make the rounds, but this real-life example (my morning so far) illustrates why I'm surprised I still have some semblance of sanity.
Plan for the morning/early afternoon:
  • get DD to school
  • vacuum DD's room
  • weed through DD's books and toys while she's at school
  • get carpet cleaners in
  • finish Christmas cards

    Actual, as of 10:30 am
  • get DD to school
  • get large FedEx food service order (which I'd forgotten was arriving today)
  • start unpacking food order into freezer
  • realize I should vacuum first in preparation for cleaners, so start vacuuming
  • try to fish sock out of vacuum hose
  • get call from school to pick DD up because she's not feeling well. Half an hour before carpet cleaners show up. School is 20 minutes away.
  • call carpet cleaners to slip arrival time by half an hour
  • go get DD
  • continue attempting to retrieve sock from vacuum hose
  • DD wants food. Doesn't want the leftovers I try to give her. Ultimately just nuke a can of chicken broth
  • FINALLY retrieve sock from vacuum hose and finish vacuuming
  • carpet cleaners show up, get them started.
    Back now, hopefully, to my regularly scheduled morning.
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