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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving buffet

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day here in the US, and the cast of Alternate Dementia is travelling to visit family. Before we leave, however, here's a quick buffet of what's going on with yours truly and crew.
  • The temperature has dropped quite a bit here - at the time of this writing the official temperature is 42F. I'm enjoying it, although many of my fellow Floridians disagree with me!
  • Georgia Tech is going to the ACC Championship game in Jacksonville...and so are we! We're all really looking forward to it. Not to mention it satisfies #91 on my 101 Things list! GO JACKETS!
  • The (perhaps) lucky folks who signed up for the Pay It Forward sweepstakes are Michelle, Jenn, Allie, Nicole, and Natty. Thank you all for playing! I have a few ideas, and will work on sketching them out while travelling. I hope to get them all out in the next few months, and certainly before Nicole gets married this summer!
  • Speaking of sketching things out, my third freebie is complete, but I'm still stitching it. Look for an official release, and more news about my designs, this weekend. Although if you're absolutely burning with curiosity, surfing my sidebar might yield some information....
    So that's it from my end at the moment. I've been busy, but not with much noteworthy. Typical for this time of year.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!
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