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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Great Sneaker Conspiracy!

This morning I spent half an hour looking for DD's sneakers because she has gym today. I never did manage to find them, despite checking in practically every conceivable (and a few inconceivable) locations. Very frustrating. At this point I'm hoping they're in DH's car at the airport.

My DD carpools with another family at the same school, and the carpool was a few minutes late this morning...because the DD couldn't find her sneakers.

Kvetching to a coworker, another person overheard and mentioned that his son had *also* misplaced his sneakers and had to wear an old ratty pair this morning. Incidentally, he's of an age with my DD and the other girl in my carpool....

A conspiracy is afoot! (As it were...)

So...if you, dear reader, have a young gradeschooler, did they have a sneaker snafu this morning?

Update 6:45pm: The walkabout sneakers have been located! DsS found them in a box on the back porch that DD had occasionally used as a playhouse. That box should have been put out with the trash weeks ago, a situation which has now been remedied....

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