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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So far so good...

We put up the shutters last night, and Ernesto has dropped down to a tropical depression. The first of the outer rainbands came through about 3am, dumping a brief spate of heavy rain. It's been a pretty steady rainfall most of the day, with the occasional burst of heavier downpours, but we're not likely to get much in terms of wind - maybe some 20+mph winds later this afternoon, but far short of the 60mph predictions.

The kids are off school today, and DH and I are off work. So far, it hasn't proved worth the closure. But, better safe than sorry, and at the time the decisions had to be made, the weather folks were thinking Ernesto would be rather worse.

Long story short, all is well here at Alternate Dementia. Except the pool needs to be drained down a bit again.

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