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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Importance of Beating Ernesto

Well, here it all goes again. Tropical Storm Ernesto is heading for us - the forecast has been pretty consistent for the past 24 hours that it'll be moving pretty much directly over us tomorrow. Some wind, some rain, widespread panic among a lot of folks...

We're prepared, though, and we know from last year that we can secure all our storm shutters in under an hour. I've drained my pool down a bit, but other than the rainfall possibly overflowing the pool (again), the cast of Alternate Dementia is not particularly concerned. DsS and DD will likely have off school, because unless the forecast changes we'll be getting the outer bands during the morning commute. It's possible that DH and I will also have off work - the call for both work and school outages will be made later today.

It'd be a good day to chill out and relax tomorrow. Maybe do a bit of gaming, some stitching. Kind of like a snow day but in August!

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