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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

He shoots, he SCOOOOOOORES!

Yesterday, an old friend of mine came down from Minnesota on business, and we met him for dinner. It's always good to see old friends again, and I think he got on well with DH and the kids. We all had a good time. (Note to self: Get back up to Duluth sometime...)

He also clued me into a station that *is* airing the NHL games: OLN. So I checked my digital cable lineup, and I do indeed get OLN. And there was much rejoicing! So last night I caught the 3rd period of the Devils-Hurricanes game. Life is good. Thanks, D!
Stanley Cup
Of course, I only get it on the main TV with the digital box, which means I have to compete with DD wanting to watch digital kid channels, and DsS using it for his Xbox, but it at least lets me watch the games.

I may have to do some creative bargaining for TV time, though!

In less pleasant news, we're still under siege from brush fires. The smoke was so heavy this morning it was starting to seep in around my front door and I could smell it in my living room. And although I was only outside for all of two minutes this morning, I can smell it in my office. I think it's gotten into my hair! Absolutely nasty! Yuck!
We're supposed to get some rain soon, but I'll believe it when I see it...

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