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Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday follies

This will be mostly drive-by blogging. Little notes, but nothing terribly in-depth.

In August, when I start whining about how much rain we're getting, remind me that in May I was whining about the lack of rain. Florida is known for Tourist Season and Hurricane Season, but one usually doesn't hear much about Brush Fire Season. We're having a bad one this year - the local park has had two large fires in two months, and about 30 miles north there's one that's been burning off and on for over a week. Just when they think it's under control, the winds pick up and it flares up again. There's been so much smoke that they've closed the Interstate multiple times up there. And there's the constant acrid smell of pine smoke. Just nasty.

We have a new central air system now! So far so good! We'll need to fine-tune the programmable settings, though - this new system has humidity control, so it seems cooler than the same temperature on the old system.

We also had to replace the water heater. When things start to go south on a house, everything seems to go at once.

I have a framing gift certificate that expires on Sunday (a Mother's Day gift from my stepkids last year). I took the wedding present to the other framer (since she does more specialty stuff), but I'll take the smalls to the place with the gift cert. I'm also hoping to get at least the border on Butterfly Waltz done tonight or early tomorrow so I can get frames and mats for it and the smalls, and try to do some framing work myself.

So I'm sure dream interpreters would have a field day with this:
The other night I had a dream about a movie...where Ioan Gruffudd was portraying Geddy Lee from Rush.
WTF? I don't think even *I* want to know how my mind came up with that one.

One of DD's favorite songs right now is Cheap Trick's "Surrender". Maybe because of the "Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird..."

I mean, how else can one describe that dream?

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