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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Neural nutworks!

I found a new weekly(?) meme that uses free association at Unconscious Mutterings. Could be interesting - it certainly seems to be gaining in popularity, if the blogs I see using it are any indication.

So let's have a go, shall we?
  1. Infiltration:: covert ops
  2. Nice person:: What I want to be
  3. Debt:: usury
  4. Settle down:: raise a family
  5. Thomas:: the Apostle (aka the doubter)
  6. Unforgivable:: betrayal
  7. Medicine:: head
  8. A year from now:: My DsS will be 18
  9. Neighbors:: next-door
  10. Dripping:: wet, rainstorm

Hm. Not sure what that says about me. Speculation, anyone?

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