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Thursday, October 27, 2005

End of the World (Series)

Last night I happened to catch a bit of baseball. And I suppose if I had to catch a bit, it was the right bit to catch - bottom of the 9th inning and the Chicago White Sox winning the World Series. And I confess...

...I just don't get baseball.

I mean, I understand the basic idea of the game. And since family friend M is a ChiSox fan and they hadn't won since 1917, I'm happy for them. But somehow watching the end of the game was just...anticlimactic. After seeing all over the news about the World Series and how the Sox hadn't won in forever, I guess I was just expecting a bit more excitement. That, and watching baseball just seems kind of boring to me. I'd prefer it to watching golf. Or racing. My apologies to any racing fans, but I definitely do not get watching people driving really fast while turning left.

I much prefer football. Which in a way doesn't quite make sense, really - my parents are season-ticket holders for the MLB team in their area, and don't care much for football. But I've been a football fan since before my teens and don't care much for baseball. And about a decade ago, I discovered hockey, which is also great fun to watch, but stations don't give it much air down here until near the playoffs.

Although maybe they'll start airing a few games now that baseball season is officially over.

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