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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Drive-by blogging

Well. It's been almost a week since last I blogged. Life has been busy, but mostly in non-eventful ways. I'm a bit brainfried at the moment, so I'll just do a quick update.

  • It's pomegranate season! I love pomegranates (indeed, the whole family does), and I get them whenever I can. A little pricey, but well worth it. Actually, I've heard that pomegranates actually grow pretty well down here, so I'm toying with the idea of perhaps getting a couple of pomegranate trees. I also found a site with recipes, including a pomegranate-marinated rack of lamb that I'm going to have to try sometime!

  • It's been pouring rain here the past few days, and in the past 48 hours my pool has (once again!) gone from low to overflowing - I came home today to find water standing 3" deep on my deck and my back porch flooded. Again. Maybe before I get those pomegranate trees, I should build an ark!

  • While helping out with an event at DD's school, I learned some variant lyrics to the infamous "Chicken Dance", courtesy of kids who likely have older siblings!
    I don't wanna be a chicken
    I don't wanna be a duck
    So I'll shake my butt
    (...child wiggles rear-end...)

  • Tomorrow or Saturday, I'm going to take Last Supper off to get it cleaned and stretched, and probably the next weekend I'll be going with a stitching friend of mine up to her framer who does rather impressive work (special mat cuts and so on). I have a good framer down here, but as this piece is for DH, it warrants something super-special.

  • There was a new episode of Mythbusters last night - revisiting older segments, and retesting with viewer suggestions. I learned how tracer bullets work, and that being incendiary, they *can* make a car's fuel tank ignite. And that reminds me of a military maxim: Tracers work both directions.. Anyway, it was a very cool episode, and I'm glad to see new Mythbusters episodes.

    Well, I've finished the web work I needed to do tonight, and it's been a long week. I'm off to watch the Clemson-N.C.State game (it's 14-0 Clemson early in the 2nd as I type this).
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