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Thursday, July 21, 2005


*taps mic, coughs nervously*

My name is Belinda and I'm a bookaholic.

I took a list with me to a local bookstore over lunch today, and of the 8 books on the list, only one was in stock. And yet I still managed to walk out with over half a dozen! (Granted, half of them are for DD, but still...) I am such a hopeless case sometimes - I don't think it's possible for me to walk into a bookstore and come out empty-handed. There's just *something* about holding a bound block of paper that overrides reason.

The bookstore said they could order the remaining books for me, but if I'm going to be ordering books, I'll do it from amazon. I did at least check my local library system, but only two of the books are even in the system. I really should take more advantage of my local library.

I'll probably grow up to be one of those little old ladies that has a compulsive need to hoard. At least books are better to hoard than cats - the SPCA won't come down on me for having stacks of books all over my house! (That, and DH is allergic to cats...)

Perhaps it's genetic. My late maternal grandmother had thousands of books. Granted, at least half of those were those cheesy pulp romances that she used to buy by the case at yard sales. I don't *do* romance - the closest I'll get are some historical fiction authors who could also fall in the romance camp, but it's gotta be good historical fiction. Otherwise, I'll read darn near anything else except political commentary and most non-fiction (I'm extremely picky about my nonfiction). I have a special fondness for sci-fi/fantasy and classic literature, with historical fiction gaining ground.

Hm. If I apply to become a branch of the local library system, could I claim books as a tax-writeoff? *laugh*

But hey, if I must have an addiction, at least books are a healthy one. Unless one counts sleep-deprivation from "one more chapter!" syndrome.

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